The Struts Opportunity!

At Struts, our goal is to provide each customer with a superior product, quality service and complete satisfaction and this philosophy extends to our Franchise Owners as well. For those who qualify, a Struts franchise offers a great opportunity for an investment, a career, or both. Struts franchisees enjoy a strong support system including financial consultation, operational support, architecture and design, product research development & purchasing, advertising and marketing.

In addition, we provide our guests with a variety of detailed services which include dine-in, pick-up, and catering. These services are offered at every location to ensure that guests can customize their Struts experience based on their individual needs.

As a Struts Franchise Owner you will benefit from being part of a brand that has exhibited steady growth and success in a wide range of markets. When you become a Struts Franchise Owner, you become part of our family and receive extensive support from an amazing organization.

*This Internet offer does not indicate that this Franchise is being offered to any person in any particular State. This offer is not being directed to persons in any State by or on behalf of the Franchisor or anyone acting with the Franchisor’s knowledge. No Franchises are sold in any Registration State by or on behalf of the Franchisor until the offering has been registered and declared effective, and that State’s Franchise Disclosure Document has been delivered to the prospective purchaser prior to the sale and in compliance with the State’s Franchise Law.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the application process take from beginning to end?
Start by completing the application along with providing us with your resume.
How much is the total investment required?
It is anticipated that in establishing and constructing a Struts, the Franchisee can expect to make a capital investment ranging from $100,000 – $350,000. There are many variables involved such as local building costs, contractor charges, landlord contributions, market conditions etc.
How much is the total franchise fee?

The fee is $25,000.

What does the franchise fee cover?
The fee secures the right to own and operate a Struts Wings unit in a prescribed territory, and the use of the Struts Wings trade name, trademarks, recipes, distinctive décor and manner of doing business.
Does Struts require licensing payments?

Yes, you will pay 4% of your gross sales (exclusive of sales tax) to Struts, LLC on a weekly basis by ACH electronic transfer. 

What is the length of the franchise agreement?
Term of 15 years or length of lease (not including option years).
How many employees do I need?
30-50 full and part time, depending on size of location.
Do I have to run the restaurant?

No, but we require you to have one general manager and a minimum of 3 fulltime assistant managers.

Where do I get the equipment & supplies necessary for opening a Struts?
Only through approved suppliers.
In what areas is Struts, LLC aggressively looking for franchisees?
Southeast Region
What about selecting a site for my restaurant?
Franchisor can assist you in choosing a location that’s right for our concept.
How do I receive my food products and supplies?
The Franchisor attempts to provide a ‘One Stop Shop’ delivery to your restaurant, where available. We have strategic alliances in various regions with food distributors. Additionally, we attempt to maximize volume leverage with our suppliers in order to get high quality, service, and competitive prices for our franchisees.
How will I handle my accounting and reporting needs?
The Franchisor will supply you with the necessary information and required formats for setting up your accounting systems and submitting timely reports. You will probably want to retain the services of an accountant/bookkeeper to assist you.
What type of training do the franchisee(s) and management team need?
We prefer that our franchisees are hands-on and highly involved in their new business. We require both the franchisee(s) and/or the designated restaurant manager to successfully complete our training program. This includes a minimum of two (2) to three (3) weeks of intense training at one of our designated training locations.


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