About Struts

It was 1999, Walter Fritts had an opportunity to bring a good place to eat to Jacksonville, Alabama where there wasn’t much to choose from. He wanted to make it a place for all to come, have fun, and get good fresh food. He would combine all his favorite flavors from road trips throughout the southeast. Hence, the beginning of Struts-Wings, Burgers, and More.

The Food

Struts is all about fresh food. Struts serves nothing but the best. Struts gets their burgers, chicken breasts, wings, and steaks fresh everyday. We don’t freeze them. We cook to order so there is no precooking and it comes out hot and fresh. Also, our chicken and steak is marinated everyday, and we don’t use lard or animal fat.

The Mission

The mission was simple. He wanted a place where everyone wanted to be. A place to go to get good, fresh food at a good price, a place to get great service, and a place that had an atmosphere for all types (students, young people, families, businesses, etc..). That is what he created when he started Struts.

If you would like to work for Struts, please check out our Employment Section. In this section, you will find our downloadable employment applications.

Struts is Headquartered @

500 Forney Ave Nw
Jacksonville, AL 36265

Phone: (256) 782-0106


Call it in, pick it up, stuff your face!


88 Ali Way • Oxford, AL
(256) 835-8102


500 Forney Ave Nw • Jacksonville, AL


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